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A sensational start for Susie Sloth - a busy little book as she appears all over the world

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

What a week! The reaction to this book has been delightful.

Susie Sloth has been

  • taken on a hike in the Aussie bush as an after school activity,

  • loved in Las Vegas as 8 year old Zech played spot the ladybird,

  • rushed to Germany as Andrea a Buteyko coach couldn't wait for the official launch,

  • introducing herself to Julia Bradbury and talking about buteyko breathing

  • all over England from London to rain soaked coasts

  • and she's travelled all over America, to India, even as far as Indonesia!

I've got to see little glimpses of storytimes as people sent me pictures of little ones reading Susie Sloth...all snuggled up as a bedtime story, with masses of cuddly toys.

and of children trying a Pilates one leg kick move for the first time.

...and I've made so many new online friends!

From Hollie The Pilates PT telling me "my daughter Freya has fallen in love because you've made it make sense to her"

To Tanith Carey, a parenting expert saying "as research shows each generation is getting less happy, it's even more important that we give them the words and interoception to understand their feelings and a toolkit for evolving wellbeing. We should be helping them build this toolkit early in life. That's why this book is such a lovely thing. What could be more important than teaching kids to breathe well? What better technique is there for managing life's inevitable stresses as they grow older?"

My GP read it and immediately and said "ooh this would be so good for mental health in children, wouldn't it?"

Then Jill Miller, who thought it was "a wonderful way to play with your child, for sure" added that she found the book "beautiful, perfect self regulation tool to teach breathing to children and she couldn't wait to read it with her kids"

Clare, an expert body based therapist told me she was so proud of me for "giving children amazing tools to understand the importance of movement and breathing"

Jenna called it a beautiful book; "with breathwork and movement along with a theme that everytime has their own superpower!"

Truly heartwarming.


The week before was exciting as Susie Sloth hit No1 Hot New Release chart for both the ebook and the paperback.


Then, as if timed to perfection, comes International Sloth Day, so we have a little competition running over on Instagram. Just look at this sloth stash! You can win your own copy of the book and if you're in the UK, an extra sloth surprise from the collection! A nee prize winner is being selected every week, so head over here to enter

Next we're having a little celebratory book launch, with Sir Richard Fitzherbert from Business Peak District, Physiotherpists, Librarians, Pilates Teachers and their friends and families joining us. Children will be playing Pilates and hearing about the benefits of better breathing. We will all try out a couple of the breathing techniques. There'll be cupcakes of course - I used to run Cupcake Corner, so a party without cake is just a meeting to me! If you work in education, publishing, health and fitness, youth mental health, children's activities, and especially if you've little ones, let me know if you'd like an invitation - we have a couple of spaces left.

Amazingly, the ebook reached the No1 bestseller spot and the paperback reached No7 in the sales ranking.

Since it's launch less than a month ago, I've had such interesting conversations with a psychotherapist, a myofunctional therapist, a speech and language therapist, a SEN teacher, a dance school director, it's been fantastic to see how it's being used in so many different settings. So many families, parents and grandparents have sent me comments and photos to say how much fun they've had and to report the little nuggets that their little VIPs are repeating from the book. Amazing!

A huge thank you to everyone who has shared news about Susie Sloth and helped me set her on her way. I can't wait to see where she's heading to next...Charlotte x

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