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Author & School Visits 

  • Do you want to inspire your schoolchildren to adopt a healthy attitude to wellbeing, both in mind and body?

  • Are you hoping for an aspirational Author visit that will explode across curriculum topics?


  • Let's go one step further and combine an energetic afternoon, animal stories, an interactive Pilates session AND a breathwork expert's insight into nervous system regulation and calming techniques!

  • A perfect workshop for Reading for Pleasure, meticulously planned to captivate children's interest at every stage whilst maximising learning outcomes.

Using her unique kids book "Susie Sloth and her Secret Superpower", Charlotte has designed a fantastic workshop for school children.  Every learning point is taught through movement and play, as this is how little minds learn best.  This is a fun filled author visit, delivered by an experienced Mum of two who has volunteered in schools for over a decade.  


Screenfree, because we are too busy being physically active; throwing, jumping, blowing, walking in funny footwear and rolling about to sit still and stare!  The afternoon session flies by and kids are really engaged with lots of toys and props, as well as gags about snot and poop, perfect for 4 to 7 year olds! 

Curriculum links are provided for PE, PSHE & Literacy, therefore Sports Premium/Pupil Premium may be available to support SEN pupils.    

school workshop with schoolchildren holding sloth toys and poo emoji and snot character and author holding a book called susie sloth and her secret superpower


Susie Sloth and her Secret Superpower

The children are wowed by some fascinating facts from the very beginning to get their attention.  We question why we need a workshop about breathing when we are all breathing already!  Kids get involved straight away with a funny feet exercise where we convince them that there is a lot to learn!


Better Breathing Lesson 

We discover Susie's Secret Code for better breathing, she uses N.E.A.T. to learn about breathing using your Nose, Easy, Air & Time. We play target throwing games, we develop X-Ray vision, play with a parachute and send toys flying everywhere! We avoid snot and poop, almost give the teachers a headache with loud party blowers, then take it down to gentle light breathing using feathers.

author presenting in a school holding an expanding ball to guide schoolchildren through a breathing practice
Pilates instructor teaching pilates to schoolchildren with kids pretending to be elephants with big trunks


Read-a-long & Play Pilates

Next comes a lovely read-a-long of Susie Sloth and her secret Superpower and children enjoy guessing which animal will appear on the next page.  We all play Pilates following Susie Sloth and try moves like "rolling like a bettle" and "roll down with your elephant trunk". Every body can play pilates and we enjoy the mix of child friendly moves and authentic Pilates exercises.


Top 5 Breathwork Practices 

The children are introduced to Susie Sloth's favourite Breathwork practices.  These are my go-to practices to teach anyone and they are presented in a child friendly way with fun props to link with the book and engage with imagination.  We find our own happy thoughts as we sunshine breathe, we follow a square rock as we box breathe,  we do our own version of a physiological sigh with a nose like an elephant trunk, we hold our breath past a stinky elephant dungheap & snooze like a sloth to lullabies.

a schoolgirl holding a feather underneath her nose to practice Buteyko feather light breathing

Teacher Feedback
PSHE Lead 


Curriculum Links


Communication & Language

Personal, Social, Emotional Development 

Physical Development 



Understanding the World





Physical Education 



Living in the wider world


Social Mental Emotional Plan


Quiet corner, display breathing practices for easy access 

Encourage metacognitive activities around physical movements; which moves are new, which feel good?



Pupil Feedback

Charlotte Marsh 

Charlotte is  Buteyko Breath Coach and Pilates Instructor, who lives with her family in Derbyshire.   Having noticed an unusual breathing pattern in one of her children she chose to specialise in teaching Breathwork to other movement professionals, parents and children. Charlotte created a first of its kind childrens' book in order to generate a positive attitude towards movement via Pilates & introduce a sense of amazement amongst kids, about the power of their own breathing.



This workshop runs really well as an afternoon activity

1.15-2.00, nature break, 2.15-3.15

Priced at £250 with take home packs provided on the day 

and with the option of family involvement prior to pick up

Bespoke packages also available 

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