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Benefits of Better Breathing Course

Benefits of Better Breathing Course

The Benefits Of Better Breathing course is a unique offer, bridging what is often a missing chapter within Pilates qualifications with well established Breathwork and the latest scientific insight into Breathing strategies.



Breathing is often referred to in Pilates but rarely given the educational time & space it deserves, this online course will fascinate you & offer you an immediate return on your investment.


5 Chapters covering the following:


1 Lung Health, breathing facts, the diaphragm: the “Multifunctional Mothership”, whole body breathing, nasal breathing, assess your own breath


2 Cervical movement, optimising thoracic mobility, the “spaghetti junction” of Breathing. Implications for Psoas, QL, digestion, acid reflux


3 Diaphragm mobility, self-release techniques, Diaphragm activation as multi-sports warm-up, nerve connections to transverse abdominals, dowagers hump/rounded shoulder/kyphotic posture & breathing, breathing for osteoporosis. Breathing implications in Pilates, myth busting


4 Examining your exhale, pulmonary warm ups, Breathwork improvement training. Breathing and women’s health, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, pregnancy, diastasis, postnatal. Ventilation versus stabilisation


5 Breathing for organ health, for the lymphatic system, for vagal tone & stress recovery, for energising. Pilates lesson openers & closing breathing protocols, breathing for meditation & mindfulness with resources, breathing for parenting & being the calmest nervous system in the room


Outstanding reviews from over 100 participants


The content is delivered in video format by someone who has lived through long term back pain, has helped many clients with complaints that better breathing has helped to resolve and is now passionate about spreading the word so others can appreciate the BENEFITS OF BETTER BREATHING


This course will

- open your eyes to the power of better breathing

- improve your own health

- enhance the way you teach movement

- bust common breathing myths

- provide ample content to offer your own breathing events

- cover over 5 hours of content in video format 

- >80 timestamped exercises, movements, brreathing protocols 

- lifetime access and repeat watch as many times as you wish


Buzzwords in the health and fitness industry obsess over exercise, diet, core strength, detoxification...its time to value the way in which we breathe and how that influences all aspects of our physical & mental health and the nervous system.


Register your place now & immediately start to enjoy the Benefits Of Better Breathing 

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