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Relaxation Breathing Workshop

Relaxation Breathing Workshop

Perfect combination of learning about your breathing system, plus movements to release tension & relaxation breathwork to find calm & recover from stress Welcome!


Join me for this 75 minute prerecorded workshop & we will look at how you breathe & work to improve your breathing. Perhaps we're all doing it quite well, because we're all alive! So you can't exactly breathe completely incorrectly.


BUT Breathing is a skill that we never really get taught about and we can all benefit from learning much more about breathing, in terms of your physical and mental health.


Humans can live without food for about three weeks, we can manage without water for about three days. But we can't manage without oxygen for more than about three minutes. So clearly, it is a crucial element of our life force and our health.


- CORE what do we mean by core muscles? How can we ensure our Physical health comes from being healthy at the very core of our being. Why your main breathing muscle; the diaphragm, is key to your vitality


- Self assess your breathing, use a tape measure or even a piece of string, dressing gown cord to judge your current movement


- Techniques to activate your diaphragm and boost your breathing


- Use a block or a book or pillow to judge where your breath currently travels


- Looking at three zones of breathing


- Learn about the shape of your lungs and how to breathe more fully into them


- Using the full power of muscles around your ribcage to breathe better


- Using a soft ball or a rolled up towel to explore how your diaphragm moves & it’s reach


- It’s not just your lungs that move your breathing, layers of diaphragmatic movement!


- Breathing directly linked to your spine, how better breathing can ease back pain


- Breathing directly linked to pelvic floor, how better breathing can solve incontinnce issues


- Breathing is the main way your body ride itself of toxins, learn how to boost your lymphatic system with self massage and how breathing moves your liver and your lymph fluid


- Tips to release tension at the top of your spine


- Better Breathing will stimulate the movement in your body to connect with the vagus nerve. This nerve is the communication highway between your body and your brain. Targeted breathing can improve your vagal tone which is to ability to recover from stress


- Learn 4 specific breathwork protocols to deliver relaxation and a calming effect on your body and mind. We use a felt sense and a soothing, mindful journey towards total calm.


"that was bliss!"

"thank you for this fascinating workshop, I learnt so much and felt amazingly chilled at the end"

"thanks so much for this session, it was so interesting and I don't think I've ever been so relaxed!"

"what a wonderful session, I was utterly fascinated by the interesting body facts and for the first time ever felt connected to my lungs which is a bizarre thing to say, but true!"

"that's the lowest my heart rate has been"  said whilst looking at her apple watch data!


- This workshop is the result of years of studying Breathwork and an example of what leading a workshop can deliver to others


- This purchase includes BONUS units of study from the online BENEFITS OF BETTER BREATHING course. You will receive lesson 5 parts 1 & 2 and you can follow these tutorials to learn even more about the theory behind why this workshop is so effective


- Also included as a bonus is a transcript of the workshop, so if you are a movement teacher who would like to offer a similar workshop to your clients, this is supper easy for you to deliver. Equally if you would like to refer to the script for your own ease of understanding, it’s there for you to use


- I look forward to welcoming you into the workshop and can’t wait for you to enjoy this Relaxation Breathwork Workshop and Bonus features


Enjoy! Charlotte

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