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Move more…think internal organs rather than external limbs!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

When someone says move more, you might think of a walk, daily steps, fitting in a pilates workout but what about moving the insides of your body more?

Ever thought about which organ is located underneath your diaphragm & how much does it move in conjunction with your breathing?

Read on for a different interpretation...

✴️The answer begins with your diaphragm which moves between 2cm and up to 10cm on an inhale breath!

✴️ It moves more at the back of the muscles than at the front and everything above and below moves too!

✴️ Movement helps Lymph fluid drain and your Liver is key to this process. The liver is also vital for maintaining good hormonal health so women especially need better breathing on their side

✴️Such a fantastic muscle when you visualise it’s location, how it takes up the whole of your internal cavity. Tthink about it’s range of movement, potentially descending up to 10cm at times & the organ massage that it creates with its constant movement; liver below, heart above.

✴️I've found a brilliant gadget to teach kids about the insides of their body. It's a T-shirt that a child can wear and you link it up to an app and it creates an illusion of an X-Ray right through the body! So cool 😎

✴️Kids love anything that involves a screen these days don't they, so this sparks their interest and lets them appreciate how vast the diaphragm is, they see it fills up their whole inside!

✴️If you love learning about the biomechanics of your breathing system, the many attachments and connections of the diaphragm as well as gaining over 80 different movements, breathing protocols & ideas to help Breathwork be more effective - this is for you and your clients! Registration is now open.

🤩Ever thought about your diaphragm’s movement and your organ health in this way before?!

I'm currently working hard to finalise a picture book for children, which will introduce pilates moves and five key Breathwork practices. My hope is to introduce these vital skills early and really make a difference to chuldrens health and well-being. You can follow it's progress here:

Enjoy the benefits of better breathing, Charlotte

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