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Breath-Geek Gift Guide

Breath-Geek Gift Guide

Maybe it's the rise of bio hacking, using a science-based approach to performance enhancement. From diet, supplements, drugs, to trackers for glucose monitoring, sleep patterns and natural remedies for circadian rythym and gut health. Some predict this will be the number one fitness trend of 2023

Maybe it's the crazy spend on wearable devices, predicted to surpass $90 billion in 2022! You can now get immediate feedback about your blood pressure, your breath holds during sleep, your heart rate variability - all major indicators of general wellness. Let's see what comes to market in 2023 but this trend shows no signs of slowing down and a another huge growth sector.

Maybe it's the post lockdown effect and the growth of home gyms. More people than ever before are choosing their own workout schedule and being selective about what suits their personal needs; physical, mental and spiritual health. Searches for "Breathwork" have risen by 525% and it's a phrase that has entered into the mainstream.

There's no doubt that SARSCov2 heightened our awareness of what can go tragically wrong when our respiratory function is impaired. We continue to see long term complications for many patients. Maybe we are also experiencing a greater awareness of why better breathing matters and why we must not take it for granted.

Maybe it's all of the above, but one thing is for sure, the growing trend of interest in Breathwork continues to soar.

Great news for those of us who teach Breathwork!

Whether that is from a biomechanical point of view, looking at posture, ease of muscle movement, recovering from the stress that our daily habits inflict on our bodies.

Equally, the biochemical aspect of Breathwork, so often misunderstood ie: who else learnt that we need oxygen to breathe and carbon dioxide is just a waste gas? Time for a better breathing upgrade! You can learn techniques to control your breathing and extract more of what you need by tolerating a different chemical balance.

Also, there's a biopsychosocial element to Breathwork, working with personal history of Mental Health, Family & Social

Relationships, Coping Skills, Trauma, Stress Recovery, Self-Esteem, Pain Management and more. A mind:body breathwork practice can be an invaluable step on the journey to greater resilience.

The benefits seem so vast and pretty much everyone has bad breathing habits and at least something to learn.

It's why my current passion project is writing a kids book which introduces Pilates and my top 5 Breathwork exercises for children. Keep a look out for "Susie Sloth and her Secret Superpower" in the new year!

Social media and bestselling books have helped to reach a whole new gaggle of breathwork geeks, a fresh posse of pulmonauts, an embarrassment of exhalers...

So what's top of their holiday wish list?

1 Myotape from Buteyko Clinic

Our first priority is to help you breathe more easily out of your nose, so that means encouraging you to shut your mouth! Use this tape at nighttime.

If you feel your nasal passageway needs more space to breathe through, you can try a dilator to very slightly open the area

3 Breathe right strips

Another easy way to apply a little stretch externally to encourage your nasal airway to open and make nose breathing easier at night.

Come and join a pre-recorded relaxation workshop where you can learn about the mechanics of your incredible breathing system. Try some gentle movements to assist better breathing and learn some techniques to find relaxation more easily.

5 The shift slow exhale tool

A stylish pendant or a constant reminder to add in some slow exhales into your day? Novel and portable to practice anywhere, if you like a glamorous gadget; this one's for you!

6 Theraband from APPI

A useful and small tool to provide feedback as you practice exercises that expand your ribcage and improve your mobility.

7 Benefits Of Better Breathing - a fascinating online course to improve your breathing &

reverse the effects of modern life

Too much sitting, poor posture, stress, rushing, pollution, tension, all limit our body's breathing rhythm. Lifetime access to 80 timestamped and varied exercises, movements & different breathing protocols. Offering a vast insight into a broad number of techniques, an ideal overview.

8 Coregeous Ball

Use the soft support from a coregeous ball to breathe into different spaces with heightened focus & feel the release.

Measure your own oxygen saturation at home. Breath holding exercises cause the body to make beneficial adaptations that improve immune system function, tolerance to breathlessness and reduce exercise-induced asthma. It can be valuable to use a pulse oximeter to monitor the temporary drop in SPO2.

10Ōura wearable ring device If you feel like blowing the budget, check out the Ōura ring: health tracking wrapped around your finger — track your sleep, activity, recovery in style. A Finnish innovation to help people realize health as a daily practice — and as a foundation for a balanced life.

In these turbulent times, isn't that what we are all seeking? A balanced life - if you need help with your breathing check out these handy gift ideas and perhaps book in a 1:1 session with a Breathwork coach to start your return to Better Breathing

If you could choose one gift, which would it be?

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Susie Sloth and her Secret Superpower

Charlotte Marsh is a Kids Pilates and Buteyko Breathwork coach practising in Derbsyhire UK.

Having suffered with chronic pain for over a decade, it was a combination of movement and changes to her breathing that helped her to feel better. Having spotted a breathing dysfunction in one of her children, that led to further studies and a passion to teach better breathing to children, their parents & to everyone!

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